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Getting it Done

This will take a great commitment. A time commitment, a faith commitment, and of course, a financial commitment. However, the way we see it and break it down, is the average MCLA collegiate lacrosse player pays anywhere between $2,000-5,000 a season to wear their school name and colors. While, depending on the number or actual…


This is for you

To make this happen, we first need players. Players who believe in themselves and are ready to showcase their game to the nation. It doesn’t matter whether your just graduating from Cornell or Chapman or your 7+ years out of a school and you still find yourself itching to play a game with something at…


We Can Do This

With most of my post-collegiate lacrosse being played under the banners of the MLL and NLL , I feel that the lacrosse landscape is primed for a league such as the PLA. With the ‘pro’ ranks filled with ‘big name’ talent mainly pushing product, there is too big a gap between that and the club…


From It’s Roots

Lacrosse in its many varieties is a team sport. Its origins come from the indigenous people of North America, when it was known by several different names, depending on the tribe, including “bagataway” or “the little brother of war” in the Ojibwe language, and “tewaarathon” in the Mohawk language. The sport has two (2) major…